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04 Jan 2021

Healthier and Fitter in just 6 Weeks! / Time to Hit Your Restart Button

Last year was a dumpster fire of a year. Fact. It wasn’t just our health that suffered, we were hit mentally, financially and socially, and it’s been tough getting back to our best. The good news? We’ve got your body goals covered, and you don't need any fancy tools or expensive gym memberships. You also don't need any juice ‘cleanses’ 

or to start eating celery (seriously, is that even a diet?). All you need: The Movement Empire

We’ve done the research and we finally found the best bang-for-buck training solution that’s both fun and accessible for all, but also offers the greatest results. Because let’s be real, while we all want to live healthier lives, we also want to look better naked, right? We’ve cut through the hype and marketing noise by consulting experts and scouring studies and found that bodyweight training is the most effective and versatile solution to nail those goals (you’ll see why below). We then recruited a potent A-Team of experienced and certified coaches and trainers: Ryan Botha, Kirsten Johnson and Maegan Ryan. Here’s why bodyweight training with this team is your best solution: 

  1. You don’t need to buy or rent any equipment
    That’s right, nada. “Bodyweight training is effective because it strengthens you in a functional manner, and you don’t need to waste any money on equipment,” says Ryan Botha. “Your body is all you need.” 

  2. It gives plenty of weight-loss benefits for little time

Research shows that you can lose weight and build muscle quickly, and in very short workout durations, using bodyweight workouts. Pair bodyweight moves with interval training, and the studies show it burns fat fast.

  1. It’s accessible for anyone
    We’re talking any age, size or shape. Everybody is an athlete at The Movement Empire (TME), and the exercise plans are scaled up or down according to your needs. “We build everyone up from scratch,” says Ryan. 

  2. You get a coach and a training partner 

You get the benefit of the coach’s instruction throughout the workout to ensure your form, posture and technique are correct and the motivation of knowing there’s someone at your fitness level experiencing the same challenges as you, at the same time. 

  1. There’s less risk of injury.
    When compared to free weights, you’re less likely to hurt yourself with bodyweight moves. The weight is limited to your bodyweight, the movements are limited to your range of motion, and your fitness governs the intensity. “Bodyweight training, if done correctly, can also increase your mobility and flexibility which in turn decreases your injury risk,” says Ryan.

  2. It never gets stale or restrictive.
    “Bodyweight training has so many benefits, but the reason I find it so effective is because it’s forever challenging. There’s no limit to your strength, flexibility and endurance benefits,” says Maegan Ryan.

Are you ready to move, feel, and look better? It’s simple - sign up for our plan at only R199 ($14.99) a month, which is just R16.50 a session ($1.23) or R160 ($11.99) per month on the annual plan, and you get a personal trainer in your pocket. You log in, press play, and follow the talented coaches. There are no complicated routines, just proven moves with benefits. Best of all, you decide when and where you want to train. Ready to join The Movement Empire? Sign up here.




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