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06 Feb 2021

The New Workouts at Home that Actually Work

  1. A workout app that fits your budget!
    Working out at home shouldn’t cost you more than going to a gym. Our potent six-week plan costs only R199/$14.99 (or a ridiculously cheap R16.50/$1.23 a session), so your bikini or boardshorts body plan won’t wreck the finances. Hell, there’s even a no-strings-attached free seven-day trial. 

  1. Bodyweight training has got both science AND coach cred
    It’s not just loved by gymnasts, soldiers, athletes and the fittest peeps on earth, it’s also one of the most researched workout methods, especially when paired with high-intensity intervals. To keep you moving forward and motivated we’ve got an endless range of movements and over 220 complete video workouts (and counting!). And just in case you were wondering, you get the whole workout experience because we film the ENTIRE workout, not just an edit of a couple of movements that leave you hanging.


  1. You dont need fancy tools or to wait for machines
    That’s right, no more sharing seats after Sweaty Betty or running behind Armpit-Whiff Andrew; you don’t need to share anything. With TME, you choose when and where you get your fitness fix, and we take care of the rest. No weird vibrating dumbbells, strappy torture systems, or training gimmicks – we just use proven bodyweight moves that target all your muscle groups and give your metabolism a swift-running kick up the butt: lunges, mountain climbers, air squats, burpees, push-ups and more; compound moves with compound benefits

  2. Its going to save you time
    There’s no commute,no searching for parking, no waiting for machines or classes to start. You simply log in to the plan at any time that suits you, and you start training.

  3. You wont get injured
    Don’t get us wrong, you will need to put in the effort, but you won’t become part of a workout FAIL video. Bodyweight training has one of the lowest injury risks as your range of motion automatically limits you, and you aren’t lifting any heavy weights. Better yet, we’ve got brilliant coaches who make sure you’re using the correct technique and intensity.

    Ready to crush your body goals at home? Join the Empire here.

It’s simple – sign up for our plan at only R199 ($14.99) per month – that’s just R16.50 ($1.23) a session – or R160 ($11.99) per month on the annual plan, and you get a personal trainer in your pocket. You log in, press play, and follow the talented coaches. There are no complicated routines, just proven moves with benefits. Best of all, you decide when and where you want to train. Let’s do it!




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