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Get Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like It

Forget what those cheesy motivational posts say, getting off the couch and back into training isn’t easy. We’re not going to sugar coat it – taking the first step is tough. Especially after this last burning dumpster fire of a year, most of us haven’t been training regularly, and as a result: we look like melted ice-cream versions of our former selves. 

Skipping workouts becomes just as easy as clicking on the next Netflix series. Thankfully, there’s some good news. Research shows that by starting small and sticking to a plan, you can beat the three evil ‘C’s – couch, chips and chocolates – by using the two good ‘C’s: common sense and consistency. The result: the body you’ve always wanted, and without any injuries or weird, harmful diets. Here are three easy tips to help you start.

  1. Create smaller, regular rewards.
    Your long-term goals probably consists of wanting a body like Margot Robbie or Chris Hemsworth (which is cool, I mean, who wouldn’t want to look like them), but if you really want to kickstart a habit, you need smaller, more tangible rewards on a regular basis – and this comes from a behaviour expert: Charles Duhigg, the author of The Power of Habit. Some examples of rewards: a post-workout smoothie, an episode of your favourite show, a down-payment on some new fitness gear. The secret according to Charles? These extrinsic rewards make your brain think the behaviour is worthwhile and increases the odds of becoming a habit. Over time, your motivation becomes intrinsic, as your mind associates your sweat sessions with endorphins, the powerful ‘happy’ chemicals. The goal: training your brain to recognise that the workout itself is a reward so that the extrinsic rewards aren’t needed. 

  2. Start a ‘habit loop’.
    The second bit of advice from Duhigg: create a neurological habit loop, as described here by the author of Atomic Habits, James Clear. It comes down to creating cues which trigger the behaviour you want. Like laying all your gym clothes out the night before, filling your training bottle, setting out space in your daily calendar. These all help reinforce positive habits.   

  3. Rope in the experts (and your friends). 

One of the biggest causes of workout procrastination: not knowing where to start, and what to do. However, we’ve got the solution. Firstly, The Movement Empire has the best coaches, experts who will make sure that every workout is tailored to fit your fitness and ability. And secondly, the best results will happen when you tackle the fitness challenge with a friend, just like Siv and Janez here in the SELF LOVE workout. Once you’ve joined the TME community, you’ll find the results you’ve always been looking for. 

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